Efficacy of Glyphosate, Ametryn and Metsulfuron Methyl for controlling Eleucine indica (L.) – A Review

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  • October 22, 2021
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Norfadzrin Fadzil. Efficacy of Glyphosate, Ametryn and Metsulfuron Methyl for controlling Eleucine indica (L.) - A Review. 30th Veterinary Association of Malaysia (VAM) Congress. 19th-20th October, 2018. Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.(Abstract of Rapid Oral Presentation).


Norfadzrin Fadzil. Department of Veterinary Services, Wisma Tani, Lot 4G1, Precint 4, Federal Government Administrative Center, 62624 Putrajaya. Corresponding author: fadzrin_ih@yahoo.com     

Weeds can replace desirable grass species, filling in gaps or voids and reducing yield and overall quality of pasture and forages. Any plant competing with cultivated plants or that in some way interfere with man’s legitimate activities is considered to be a weed. Without question, weeds can compete directly with forage grasses or pasture to reduce their nutritional value and longevity. Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn, commonly known as goosegrass is one of the world’s worst weeds (Holm et al., 1977). It is a very competitive and cosmopolitan species. In tropical countries such as Malaysia, E. indica infestation occurs mostly in crop area, fruits and vegetable orchard and nurseries (A Jalaludin, 2014). There are many methods of weed control like hand weeding, cultural method, chemical method and integrated weed management. Chemical method or herbicides is not only cheaper but also feasible for timely application. However, it requires more care with reference to appropriate selection of herbicide, its dose and time of application. Glyphosate, Ametryn and Metsulfuron Methyl are common herbicides used for controlling the infestation of goosegrass (Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.) in grazing paddock. However, it has been reported that these herbicides are no longer effective for controlling E.indica in the area (Chuah TS et al, 2010). In this connection, the literature on resistance of goosegrass towards these herbicides was collected and summarized.  

Keywords:  Eleucine indica, glyphosate, ametryn, metsulfron methyl  

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