Optimisation Of Parentage Verification Methodology Using Microsatellite Markers Through Conventional PCR In Malaysian Cattle

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  • October 22, 2021
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Ernie-Muneerah, M.A., Suriaty, R., Mohd-Hafiz, A.R., Salleh, S.I. & Mohd-Hafizal, A.

Parentage analysis of livestock animals is becoming increasingly utilized in the agriculture industry for selection of breed to increase production traits. Microsatellite DNA marker are a powerful tool for parentage verification. It contain 1-6bp repeat nucleotide motif and highly polymorphic. Recent studies done by Mohd-Hafiz et.al., 2012 has evaluated thirteen microsatellite markers (13) that has been recognized by the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG)/Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) standing committee and also complementary marker used by international labs. These microsatellites has been used at National Institute of Veterinary Biodiversity, a government institute under Department of Veterinary Services for parentage analysis on cattle in Malaysia. To further assist with parentage analysis, this study has been done to optimize the methodology using microsatellite markers through conventional PCR for various cattle breed in Malaysia.

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