The Effect of Useful Microbes Bokashi Addition to Diet on Weight Gains of Rabbit

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  • October 22, 2021
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Nuzillah Maliki. The Effect of Useful Microbes Bokashi Addition to Diet on Weight Gains of Rabbit. 30th Veterinary Association of Malaysia (VAM) Congress. 19th-20th October, 2018. Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.(Abstract of Oral Presentation).


*1Nurzillah Maliki, 2Muhammad Fikri K., 1Natashah R.  

1Veterinary Institute Malaysia, KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, Beg Berkunci 520, 86009 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. 

2Department of Animal Science and Fisheries, Faculty of Science Agricultural and Food,  University Putra Malaysia Campus Bintulu Sarawak, Malaysia. 

*Corresponding author: 

An experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of useful microbes-bokashi addition to the diet on the weight gains of rabbits. In total, 20 weaned rabbits (30 days old) of crossbred were divided at random among two groups (experimental and control) at the rate of 10 young rabbits per group. Rabbits in control group (C) were fed with a commercially available pellet, while the experimental group (UM-B) received a commercially available pellet mix with 5% useful microbes-bokashi (useful microbes in the form of granules). At 70 days old, the average live weights of rabbits were 726.0 g and 762.0 g in respectively, C and UM-B groups. At the end of the trial (150 days old), the highest average live weight was observed in the experimental group (UM-B; 1495.0 g) when compared to the control (C; 1470.0 g). In conclusion, the supplementation of useful microbes-bokashi at 5% in the rabbit’s diet showed a positive effect on weight gains in rabbits.

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