The Performance Study of Anaerobic Digestion System from Dairy Cattle Farm

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  • October 22, 2021
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Tan Teck Leon. The Performance Study of Anaerobic Digestion System from Dairy Cattle Farm. 30th Veterinary Association of Malaysia (VAM) Congress. 19th-20th October, 2018. Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.(Abstract of Oral Presentation).


Tan Teck Leon, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar, Corresponding Author: .

Dairy farm effluent consists of the manure and urine excreted in the milking shed and yards, mixed with the wash-down water used to remove the waste from these areas and concrete yard runoff following rainfall. Therefore, there is a need to study the characteristics of dairy farm effluent and pollutants removal efficiencies. Environmental parameters such as Temperature, pH, Biological Oxygen Demand ,Chemical Oxygen Demand, Total Solids, Total Volatile Solids and Total Ammonical Nitrogen were carried out in  this study.   Effluent generated from 150 heads of cattle including 55 young cattle in the farm was channelled directly into collection sump through a bar screen then the slurry was pumped into inlet chamber from collection sump once daily. Effluent samples  were collected from the manholes on a monthly basis and analyzed in the laboratory. Results shown that Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand in the effluent removed up to 89.0% and 86.0% respectively whereareas Total Ammonical Nitrogen slightly decreased to 46.0%. The performance of Total Solids and Total Volatile Solids was slightly decreased 12.0% and 22.0 % respectively. From this study, it can conclude that this method not only contributes to biogas production but also improved the quality of effluent from farm. However,   the concentration of Biological Oxygen Demand ,Chemical Oxygen Demand, Total Ammonia Nitrogen,Total solids and Total Volatile Solids of the effluent quality studied exceed effluent quality discharge standard requirments of Department of Enviroment Malaysia. Therefore, there is a need of other method to polish the effluent for compliance.

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